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Bidding is over for the 2020 Fall Auction!
Use the "Contact Us" button if you want to buy an Unsold Auction Item.

Total raised = ~$14k!!!

Many thanks to the 72 donors and ~100 bidders for helping to make this total possible!!!

Login and go to "My Statement" to find out what you won!

Send a check for the amount that you owe (with "Auction" on the memo line) to Community Church of Chapel Hill, 106 Purefoy Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 or pay by credit card (please help cover the processing fees too) by using the "Donate Now" button on the church's contribution page.

Due to COVID-19, donors and buyers of items are responsible for the safe transfer of goods and services. No items will be collected, transferred, or stored by the Auction Committee.

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