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Welcome to the 2022 Fall Auction!

This year’s auction will be run with online bidding between September 23rd and October 21st and an in-person event on the 22nd to celebrate.

Save the date: October 22, 2022!

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BLD1 Ruth & James Gibson
Feast Fit for a Pharoah
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It begins with a recipe reconstructed from drawings of bread making on the tomb of Ramses III. We can prepare it together, and while it bakes, we will enjoy some of the same appetizers ancient Egyptians would have relished, followed by a meal of roasted vegetables, and meat, poultry or fish prepared with delicate blends of nuts and spices, and accompanied by light beer, served warm the Egyptian way, and other beverages of the period. There will be fruits for dessert with Rekhmire’s Tiger Nut cakes accompanied by sweet wine laced with mead and mint tea to refresh us all at the end. (Chapel Hill 27517)
All guests must be fully vaccinated, and a date will be set when area counties are all rated yellow or safer in terms of COVID-19 spread.
4 40.0