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Later you will be able to Click here to email us about volunteering to help with the auction.

This year we have a great team: Willie Lubka, April Fernald, Lisa Bortman, Katie Smith, Richard Trombino, Marcy Wingard, Ellen Learned, Noreen Powers and Jenny Schiape, just to name a few.

You can also visit the Auction table on Sundays in the future or contact us to volunteer in one of these areas:
  • Clean Up team - A very essential and much appreciated group!
  • Phone-A-Thon group - Help spread the word and get folks thinking about what to offer this year.
  • Set Up Team - Help set up tables and chairs prior to the event!
  • Live Auction Set Up Team - Help move tables and put out the chairs!
  • Business Donation gatherer - Visit local businesses and ask for items to donate - they get a mention in the catalog! See Bea Ornstein to volunteer.
  • Donate Items / Dinners / what-have-you! Submit your donation slips at the Auction table on Sundays! What could be easier!
  • Donate $ or help for food (Later you will be able to click on this link.)
  • Assist on Food/Drink/Dessert/Coffee service teams
  • Decorations team - Creative Opportunity! See Jenny Shiape
  • Label and setup donated items as they arrive
  • Silent auction 'table monitor' to help guests find items
  • Post auction item distribution
  • Record live auction bids
  • "Run" live bids out to computer team for entry
  • Wine and Beer Bartender
  • Computer team - help check guests in or enter sales or settle up

  • Other - Can you think of some other way you'd like to help make our event better?