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CO0002 CO2 Collectibles
  • Rick McDonald
Sri Lanka Mask Wall Hanging
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Vintage wood peacock wall hanging/mask made in Sri Lanka with original label on inside. It measures approx. 10” in height, 14” in width and is in very good condition. 1 1 000025.0 25 .0001E7 10
MM0003 MM3 Meals and More
  • Newfield House
Lobster Bake for 4
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Newfield House in Plymouth has donated a Lobster Bake for 4 people, which includes - lobster, clams, chowder and choice of beverage.

This wonderful feast is redeemable at Woods Seafood, 15 Town Wharf. You can eat in or take out.

Bidding is one price for the group of 4.

1 1 000100.0 100 .0005E7 50
MM0002 MM2 Meals and More
  • 42 Degrees North
Gift Certificate
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42 Degrees North (located at 690 State Road in Manomet) has donated a $50.00 gift certificate. 1 1 000050.0 50 .00015E7 15
SE0003 SE3 Services
  • Norm and Diane Stillman
Gift Certificate to Court Street Animal Hospital $100 Gift Certificate for Goods or Services at Court Street Animal Hospital 1 1 000100.0 100 .0002E7 20
EX0003 EX3 Excursions
  • Ken Stone
Kayak Lesson or guided trip Kayaking lesson or guided trip - boat and all equipment provided. Lesson can be done for two people on Great Island Pond in Plymouth. Guided trip could be for more than one if the winners have one or more kayaks of their own. 1 1 000100.0 100 .0005E7 50
EX0002 EX2 Excursions
  • Ken Stone
Coastal Ride in Classic 1966 Triumph TR4A with Lunch 1 to 2 hour country road and shore ride in vintage antique British sports car with lunch included. To rent a car like this in Boston would cost $450 to $500 a day. 1 1 000150.0 150 .00075E7 75
FO0001 FO1 Food
  • Clements' Marketplace
Gift Certificate
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Clement's Marketplace located on State Road in Manomet has donated a $25.00 gift certificate. 1 1 000025.0 25 .0001E7 10
FA0002 FA2 Fellowship Activities
  • Amy and Joe Palmer
Dog Party
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Stella and Ray Palmer would like to share their fenced in backyard with your pooch! On a mutually agreed upon date and time, you can bring your dog(s) to the Palmer house and let them all play. Drinks and snacks will be served for the parents. Depending on how many pups are interested (and your dog’s temperament), we can have one or multiple days. 15 15 000010.0 10 .00005E7 5
EX0001 EX1 Excursions
  • Amy and Joe Palmer
Early morning walk on a trail Last year’s Early Morning walk was such a success that participants exclaimed “this isn’t that bad”. With a rave review like that, I had to offer it again. If you know me, you know my favorite thing to do is get up early to exercise and to eat breakfast foods. Join me for an early morning leisurely walk (7am meet up) through one of the many wooded trails in Plymouth (to be determined). Afterwards, we will find a local breakfast joint to refuel for the rest of the day. (Breakfast included). 5 5 000030.0 30 .00015E7 15 6/6/20 7:00 AM
FA0001 FA1 Fellowship Activities
  • Amy and Joe Palmer
Cribbage tournament
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Three years in a row make it a new Auction tradition. The Palmer family is hosting a cribbage tournament for players of all ages and abilities. Using double elimination, Will Palmer will set the brackets based on the number of players. If you don't know how to play, Amy is willing to give you a quick private lesson before the tournament (cheat sheet will be provided). Drinks and snacks provided. 12 12 000025.0 25 .00015E7 15 5/23/20 4:00 PM
MS0004 MS4 Miscellaneous
  • Cape Auto Body
Gift Certificate
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Cape Auto Body & Service has donated a gift certificate for a lube, oil & filter change valued at $40.00. 1 1 000040.0 40 .00015E7 15
MM0001 MM1 Meals and More
  • Will & Co. Cafe
Gift Certificate
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Will & Co. Cafe located at 6B Court Street in Plymouth has donated a $50.00 gift certificate. 1 1 000050.0 50 .00015E7 15
MS0003 MS3 Miscellaneous
  • Mayflower Brewing Company
Beer Tasting for 10
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The Mayflower Brewery Story

Mayflower Brewing Company – America’s Hometown Brewery – is a craft beer microbrewery located in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Founded in 2007 by a tenth great grandson of John Alden, beer barrel cooper on board the Mayflower, we are dedicated to celebrating the history and legacy of beer in America by creating unique, high-quality ales and lagers.

We brew and package all of our beer at our brewery in Plymouth and use only traditional brewing methods and ingredients. Our product line is broad and includes a set of year-round beers that honor traditional styles, seasonal beers that celebrate our New England weather, and small batch releases that give us a chance to try out new ideas.

1 1 000100.0 100 .00025E7 25
SE0002 SE2 Services
  • Karma Hair Salon
$50 Gift Certificate
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Karma Hair Salon has generously donated a $50 gift certificate. If you’re curious about how they do, check out how good Patricia Devine always looks. 1 1 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25
MS0002 MS2 Miscellaneous
  • Indie Ferm Brewing
$20 Gift Certificate and pint glass
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Independent Fermentations Brewing (aka IndieFerm) specializes in making craft beers with locally grown ingredients. Many of our beers are inspired by the Belgian farmhouse brewing tradition but we also make other styles. We brew what we like to drink and that covers a lot of territory.

In addition to a tap room with 8 beers on tap open for tastings, tours, and pints, there is also IndieFerm Supply which has supplies and equipment for homebrewing, winemaking, and fermented foods like kombucha, yogurt, and cheese. We also have classes on homebrewing and fermented foods. We even offer classes. Check it out!

1 1 000030.0 30 .00015E7 15
MS0001 MS1 Miscellaneous
  • Healthy Appetites
Gift Certificate
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Healthy Appetites located at 44 Long Pond Road in Plymouth has donated a $25.00 gift certificate. 1 1 000025.0 25 .0001E7 10
CO0001 CO1 Collectibles
  • Ann Hieser
XMas quilt
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49” x 67” Lap Quilt
Pattern is “Lady”
Red, green, black, white & gold colors
Quilt pattern is poinsettias in gold thread
1 1 000260.0 260 .0006E7 60
SE0001 SE1 Services
  • Ann Hieser
Genealogy Research Tips - up to 4 Hours!
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4 Hours of Genealogy Research

Where did Grandma go? How many wives did Grandpa have? Are you having trouble finding one of your ancestors? Ann will help you with a particular problem ancestor or show you tips & techniques for general researching. Ann has an international subscription to as well as

Ann Hieser is the cofounder and secretary of the genealogy club Digging for Family Roots based in Plymouth. In 2004 her interest in genealogy began. All she wanted to do was preserve the work her mother had started. Now 16 years and four New England Regional Genealogical Conferences (NERGC) later her tree contains almost 4,000 people with extensive source citations.

3 3 000200.0 200 .0005E7 50