THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE OUR 2021 AUCTION A BIG SUCCESS! We're still working on your statements but we thank all of our donors and buyers. Make sure to sign in to the June 6 Annual Meeting and come to the church picnic on June 20th. -->

Click the Statement link to see what you got and/or who purchased your items/events.

With the auction behind us, check this page on June 1, 2021 to see information about payments and updates on the fundraising numbers.

Welcome! This year's Mini-Auction is entitled "Are We There Yet?" Donations are all in and bidding is closed.

Our auction is an important fundraising event for the church and a great way to bring people together. As you might expect, all donating and bidding will be ON-LINE like last year, but we have added three fabulous GETAWAYS this year you will want to check out! Get ready to peruse the Dinners/Events Hit Parade: 1. Garden Parties! 2. Garden Concerts! 3. Fancy Patio Dinners! Can you stand to wait on these? And popular Foods: 1. Luscious pies! 2. Cakes and cookies! And more! And Themed Baskets: 1. jigsaw puzzles! 2. Special Book Baskets! 3. Wine!

The 2021 MINI-Auction is closed for bidding. -145 days till final bidding day!

BIDDING ended on MAY 28th at 10 PM. Your statement will be emailed to you within a few days. For details on upcoming events you've purchased, look for an email from the host.


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On-line bidding starts May 1st

Once we register your phone number, you can login and bid. Click on 'login' below, but if you are new and cannot log in, contact Helen, Diane, or Susan to get registered.

You need to login first and then you will see "Place Bid" buttons next to each item in the catalog.

When you find an item you want, click the "Place Bid" link. NOTE: Fixed price items (Events) GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR STATEMENT AS A SALE.

Remember, bidders may still outbid you up until last day, so check your open bids under "My Bids".

Online bidding closes at 10pm Friday May 28th. NO EXTENSIONS!

See the "My Bids" link on the Catalog Grid page for a summary of items you have open bids on. See your statement for your fixed price items.

Contact Helen or Diane directly