NIGHT OF STARS AUCTION- Our MVUUC Members and Friends Annual Goods and Services Auction is an important fundraising event for MVUUC and always a fabulous party! Do you have a special talent or skill to share? Can you host a dinner, an excursion, or event? Let your talents shine while raising funds for MVUUC. You won't want to miss it!

Questions about the MVUUC Members and Friends Goods and Services Auction? You can reach us at mvuucauction@gmail.com.

This year, the Auction Team is encouraging donations of services that build commUUnity. We are hoping for more experiences than goods, more events that strengthen friendship at MVUUC as we calendar many days of fun throughout the coming year. Events can be at your home, at MVUUC, or other locations. We need 200+ donations to reach our goal. Here are some suggestions:

  • Share a talent/skill/special knowledge.
  • Donate Goods:
    • New this year--If you wish to donate an item, we want to be sure it would be one you would like to receive as a gift. A donation's retail value should be at least $20. If you have a very large item (like a kayak), please bring photos
    • Home-made goods such as jams or soaps are also welcome and will be offered for a set price
  • Provide a theme dinner or party (for adults, children or all ages) at your home or Monte Vista (Schedule a day with the Office Administrator to use the sanctuary, patio or kitchen).
  • Lead a tour and/or share a meal in a favorite place or one you want to explore: Take a group to museums, restaurants, plays, lectures, concerts, historic homes, gardens, picnics, hiking, etc. Donor can ask people to carpool if needed.
  • Share a behind-the-scenes tour of an interesting place to which you or a friend have access: Tour a university, fire station, police station, theater, newspaper, TV or radio station, etc.
  • Offer aid to others (provide services such as childcare, house cleaning, pet sitting, house sitting, shuttle to LAX or Ontario Airports, tutoring, etc. Be sure to include hours/days of the week you could donate and the total number of offerings you could give (for example, 2 hours service, 5 offerings).
Pick up your Donation Form when you prepay your donation, or download one from our website at montevistauu.org


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