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    Entering Items Online

  1. Please put in an estimated value per person or item, and minimum bid price – you know your item better than we do and we hate to guess!
  2. Capitalize all important words in the title (but not “and,” “the” or “by” for example).
  3. Please indicate Adults Only or Adults and Children in your description
  4. Spell out numbers in titles (i.e Three Gold Rings, not 3 Gold Rings).
  5. Pick the most appropriate category for your event or item.
  6. Minimum bids should be the lowest price at which you are willing to sell.
  7. When submitting multiple similar physical items, please choose no more than five to sell at this auction. More later!
  8. Make sure to check the box (Winner takes it home?) if your item is a “thing.”
  9. All descriptions should end with a period or exclamation points, even if the description is not a sentence.
  10. If you are hosting an event with more than 4 guests, you should pick a date and time.
  11. Putting in a picture of your item is very, very helpful. If you prefer, we will pick a picture for you.
  12. Put your items in early — the deadline is Sunday May 7th by midnight for the printed catalog, which will be available Sunday May 14th. Items submitted after May 7th may be accepted, but they won't get the best exposure, as they won't be in the catalog to be reviewed in advance.

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to email us about volunteering to help with the auction

You can also visit us at the auction table in the Courtyard.