Our auction is an important fundraising event. Do you have an interest in the Quilt Surface Design Symposium? Then you've come to the right place!
Yikes! The auction is only -1675 days away, so it's too late for changes to your items to get in the printed catalog, but please make corrections anyway - they will still appear on statements and bid sheets.
The Catalogs are Ready! Pick one up at the auction table and use it to plan your bidding strategy. We'll have some available at the auction too - Please share with a friend.


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2011 Auction Details

Doors open at 6pm for Silent Auction.

Item No.DonorFeatured ItemDateQty$ Each
SE1 Joe Attendee
Chili dinner
I make you chili. You eat it.
Thu Jun 16, 2016 - 8:00 PM 12 0.0

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to email us about volunteering to help with the auction

You can sign up to help in one of these areas:
  • Website data entry - Enter info from paper donation forms (Not everyone is so tech-savvy)
  • Catalog Proofreader - Keep an eye on donated item entries - fix typos and follow up on missing dates and other essential info
  • Donate Items / Dinners - Use this website to submit your item descriptions! What could be easier!
  • Catalog prep - Help coordinate generation, printing, stapling of catalog and addendum
  • Theme Ambience / Entertainment - Slide shows, music, live entertainment...etc - Creative Opportunity!
  • Bid Sheet prep - Pick paper colors, print bid sheets night before auction
  • Silent auction table setup
  • Post auction silent item distribution
  • Sell Admission Tickets before the auction
  • Come up with ideas to help decorate
  • Clean up team
  • Computer team - help check guests in, enter sales, and settle up
  • Network team - help setup and test our old computer equipment (or persuade folks to donate some spiffy new laptops)
  • Other - Can you think of some other way you'd like to help make our event better?