Even with the auction behind us, you can still make corrections on your statement to your donated item descriptions or event dates. If you do, please remember to contact everyone involved. The system will automatically send out a reminder 5 days in advance to those who won.

We hope you enjoyed the auction! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!

Next Auction

Do you have ideas how to improve the auction next time? Do you have an idea for the theme and the date?

Contact Siobhan with your thoughts.


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Why "Services?"

We refer to our auction as a "services" auction.
We are using services in the sense that items such as a dinner, a guided hike, a workshop, etc. are services provided by a member for others to bid on. This does not preclude tangible items being included in the auction such as a picture, a piece of pottery, a new coffee maker or a potted plant. However, the emphasis is on services rather than items that may be more appropriate for a white elephant sale.