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V3 Ursula Wolz
Winter: Red Squirrel Cabin, Southwestern Vermont
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Come over the river via the Chiselville Covered Bridge and through the 150 year old woods to join Ursula in her cozy cabin in the woods. Enjoy a weekend of home cooked dining, snow shoeing, skiing (down or cross country) or just breath in the hemlock and white pine scent. Ursula will host 2 - 5 people in two bedrooms with queen beds, and two twin beds in the loft (one for Ursula). Two baths, fireplace, and chef ready kitchen. THIS IS THE WINTER OFFERING JANUARY - MARCH. Weekend to be negotiated, rescheduling due to bad weather included. Map and Photos: https://www.roaringbranch.com/ http://www.roaringbranch.com/red-squirrel.php?id=8 Note: 4-wheel drive required Dec - Mid-March.
1 600.0

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