The silent auction is an important part of Walk-In Counseling Center's "50 Years and 50 More" celebration. We want to build a sustainable future by not only raising money but also bringing together members of this amazing, caring community of people who keep Walk-In going.

Do you have a treasure to donate? Or do you have a special talent, skill, or unique service to offer? Can you host a dinner? All of these make great silent auction items.

If you have questions about the auction, you can reach us at auction@walkin.org.
With the auction only 22 days away, now is the time to think about what you can donate.

To donate, click on the gray Donate box below. If you aren't sure what to offer, scroll down for suggestions or view the catalog to see what other community members have donated!


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What Should I Donate?

We welcome donations of both Things and Experiences/Services. Things should be in excellent condition and be something you could imagine giving as a gift. Experiences/Services are wonderful ways to connect with others in the amazing caring community that has sustained Walk-In for 50 years. These may include services, dinners, excursions, vacations, and group activities. (If for some reason we can't accept a donation, we will notify you.)

Advance online bidding starts October 8!

To enable advanced bidding, login and bid.

You need to login first and then you will see "Place Bid" buttons next to each item in the catalog.

When you find an item you want, click the "Place Bid" link. Fixed price bids go straight to your statement as a sale, but only 1/2 the seats are available in advance.

You will get an email if you are outbid later. Remember, bidders at the auction may still outbid you.

Online bidding closes at 10pm Thursday October 9 (two nights before the auction).

See the "My Bids" link on the Catalog Grid page for a summary of items you have bid on. See your statement for your fixed price items.

Item No.DonorFeatured ItemDateQty$ Each
M1 Kendra Popov
Davines sustainable beauty products
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Paper Salon is proud to feature Davanies sustainable products. Their work is a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit. This package features a Well Being Shampoo and Conditioner, and Davines OI Hand Balm.
1 84.00

    Entering Items Online

  1. Please put in an estimated value
  2. Capitalize all important words in the title (but not “and,” “the” or “by” for example).
  3. Spell out numbers in titles (i.e Three Gold Rings, not 3 Gold Rings).
  4. Pick the most appropriate category for your event or item.
  5. Please enter a minimum bid.
  6. Make sure to check the box (Winner takes it home?) if your item is a Thing.
  7. All descriptions should end with a period or exclamation points, even if the description is not a sentence.
  8. If you are hosting an event with more than 4 guests, you should pick a date and time.
  9. Putting in a picture of your item is very, very helpful.

Donation Suggestions

Community Activities
  • Gathering for games such as cards, dominoes, charades, etc.
  • Bike ride
  • Tour of an interesting business followed by social time
  • Tour of a favorite place (art, garden, county, something unique --nearby or day trip)
  • Birdwatching
  • Combination meal and program/speaker/activity with educational value
  • Nature excursions of your interest and design
Dinners and Anything Related to Food
  • Help at dinners you offer
  • Piano music or other entertainment at home dinners
  • Creative and themed dinners
  • Join with someone else to provide a simple meal for a set price
  • Vegan and vegetarian meals
  • Meal prep & delivery
  • Prepare pastry, wine, cookies or whatever your specialty is
  • Gift cards to ethnic and casual restaurants
  • Language lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Home concert (with hors d’oeuvres and dessert)
  • Concert or play tickets
  • Spa packages (no fixed dates)
  • Sport event tickets
House and Yard Help
  • Handy-man
  • Home decorating
  • Feng shui
  • House cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Room painting
  • Power washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Yard work
  • Garden planning
  • Lawn care
  • Mowing while you’re on vacation
  • Fence repainting
Children's Activities
  • Take kids to the Minnesota State Fair in 2020
  • Native wildflower hike
  • Potluck picnic at a metro park on a weeknight with beverages, games & prizes planned by your family (reasonable set price)
  • Red White & Boom (or other similar) picnic
Professional or General Services
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Auto services
  • Furniture repair
  • Home improvement
  • House sitting
  • Baby sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Help with specific things for "x" number of hours
  • Rides to airport
  • Computer trouble-shooting
  • Organizing help
  • Career advice
  • Job shadowing for a really interesting job
  • Car pool opportunities
  • Photography lessons
  • Kayaking or canoeing lessons
  • Massages
  • Car detailing
Very Specific Ideas
  • Morning visit to a farmer’s market, followed by a cooking lesson
  • Apple or other fruit picking, followed by pie baking
  • Creating a food tour of several ethnic eateries or taco trucks
  • Select a tour of the Wabasha Street Caves and invite several guests
  • Organize a tour of Minnesota Capitol
Vacation and Fun
  • A stay at a cabin up north (a few nights or a week)
  • A riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River
  • A brewpub tour

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to email us about volunteering to help with the auction. Or send an email to hmartens@walkin.org.

Auction Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019

Doors open at 5:00 pm for the silent auction and reception. The silent auction ends promptly at 6:30 pm. Dinner will begin being served at 6:30, followed by the program, Our Stories, hosted by MC Reg Chapman of WCCO TV. Featuring humorous historical fiction by an improv group including homegrown Walk-In talent. Event ends at 9 pm.

Tickets are $30 for the basic ticket and $50 for the sustainer ticket (includes support for others). Please purchase your ticket before Sept. 27 by clicking here.